Writer of the Month

University Preparatory Charter School Features Students as Writers of the Month

The UPREP Writers of the Month contest promotes writing for authentic audiences. Each month, teachers and students submit student writing and winners are selected to be featured for the month on a hall display that includes the writing pieces and students’ pictures. Winners receive a special prize, a winner’s certificate, and a congratulatory letter to parents.

Students at UPrep are excited to be winners of this prestigious award and will rise to meet the expectations of the contest. This contest also encourages students to do their best in order to have their work considered for each month’s contest.

The following piece was written in conjunction with our school wide community read of SLAM! by Walter Dean Meyers.


 Love Hurts

By Zack Bates


Slam had a great high school basketball career so far but for his high school work, well… that was a whole other thing for him. Slam had been struggling but working hard, getting extra help from Mtisha to improve his work.

Well, Slam graduated high school with very good grades and went to Division 1 college for basketball. Slam plays well on the court and does great in the college classroom now. On the other hand, his best friend Ice, who has been more like a brother to him got caught up in the drug game and got locked up with a drug charge. Slam was very upset about that but thought that everything happens for a reason.

Slam is in his senior year in college and lost his high school love Mtisha. Mtisha and Slam got in an argument and Mtisha left Slam just like that. Slam started performing badly on the court and his grades were slipping, all because he couldn’t stop thinking about Mtisha. Slam had NBA scouts looking at him but they lost interest in him because his performances were not impressive.

Slam later got kicked off the basketball team and then got fed up with school and dropped out his senior year of college. Slam was caught up in the streets after being kicked out of home by his mother. Slam started dealing and got arrested for the same reason his “brother” Ice. Slam got 5 years in prison and was cell mates with Ice. Ice got out 3 years into Slam’s time.

Slam got out 2 years later and found out Ice was murdered during a gang fight on the streets. Slam was devastated and then started going crazy. Slam found out who shot Ice and went and stabbed them to death. Slam got life in prison and was stressing. Slam’s life all went downhill because he was caught up in love and not focused on doing what he was great at to succeed.


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