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On Saturday, a group of friends and I attended the Physics Olympics at Buffalo State College

During the event, we took part in challenging activities and battled students from other schools to compete for the first-place prize. UPrep was the only school from the Rochester area to compete against schools mostly from the Buffalo area. “It was a different environment with challenges that I tried and liked,” Josue Gonzalez, a junior, said. One of the challenges we took part in was called “Laser Pinball.” During the challenge, we had to use mirrors and angles to direct a laser beam to hit a target. Junior J.J. Riggins liked the laser challenge the best.

“Because … we had to use brain power to create a design that would hit the bull’s eye,” he said. “I would love to go again.” Andrew Barbosa, a junior, also liked the activity.“ The laser pinball was the most unique activity we did. It was surprising to me,” he said. Another challenge we did was “Stress, Straws, and Structure.” In that challenge, we had to use a limited number of straws in a design that would hold up heavy text books.  The team whose structure held the most books won.

Lastly. “Swinging Orb,” challenged us by making us use precise angle placements. In the challenge, a metal ball must land and smash an egg. Adam Larry, a sophomore, thought the orb challenge was the most interesting because “the math required was challenging.”

To attend the competition, Mr. Marrero compiled a list of people who were interested. From that list, the students performed physics challenges in class. The top 12 scores were invited to attend the competition in Buffalo. All games were challenging, but they also were a way to build team charisma with peers. Mr. Marrero said he prepared the students the best way he could for unknown activities.
“I was really proud to see UPrep students take part in Physics Olympics activities,” he said.

Courtesy of Mr. Marrero

Jabari Crayon contributed to this report.

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