Curriculum and Instruction

Lesson Plan Framework

At University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men, instruction is guided by teacher lesson planning using a framework that is research-proven to be highly effective with all learners.  Teachers use this framework to plan each of their lessons for the upcoming week. All teachers send their weekly lesson plans to their supervising administrators each weekend for review and feedback. Through this process, instructional leaders are able to offer support to assist teachers in the delivery of quality instruction. Since all teachers use this one consistent model, students understand the components and expectations for learning and misconceptions are eliminated before they can become barriers to success.

Lesson Plan Components:

  • Unit
  • Topic
  • Big Idea
  • New York State Standard/Performance Indicators- The lesson plan highlights  the specific standard emphasized in the lesson;
  • Learning Targets for Content, Literacy and Skill- Learning targets are created from the standards;
  • Essential Vocabulary – Terminology and other literacy skills for the lesson;
  • Essential Question/ Lesson Focus – The unifying concept and skill of the lesson; designed to promote higher level thinking;
  • Bridge – Designed to reveal students’ existing knowledge, understanding and skills to support teacher and student connections to the lesson;
  • Mini-Lesson – Teacher models how students will learn with guidance;
  • Workshop – Student-centered activity to promote learning for understanding;
  • Large Group Reflection
  • Summary  – Activity that applies understanding in a different context;
  • Closure and Learning Extension ( Homework) – A rehearsal of student ideas and skills to improve retention and understanding.

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