Principal J. Munno

President Joseph Munno
SUNY Brockport, B.A.
SUNY Brockport, Masters
37 year career in Secondary Schools and Urban Education


Dr. Connie Lucchese-Principal
SUNY at Buffalo, B.A. English, Master’s in English Education
St. John Fisher College, M.Ed in Educational Administration, Doctorate in Executive Leadership



Grade Level Manager/Operations

Director of Operations James Reaves


7th Grade Level Manager Dennis Fitzpartick


8th Grade Level Manager Terrell Cunningham


9th Grade Level Manager Demond Stewart


10th Grade Level Manager Majied Eason


11th Grade Level Manager Troy Jackson


12th Grade Level Manager Michael Nally


Career and Technical Education

CTE Director Beverly Gushue


Computer Tech/CTE Colin Nobles


Culinary/CTE Alberto Santos


IT/CTE Rodney Staats


Office Staff

Business Manger Adela Mehremic


Administrative Assistant Amanda Marello


Human Resources Megan York


CTE Administrative Assistant Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Student Counselors

Supervising Counselor Susan Barnhart


Grades 7 – 9 Counselor Katrina Cimato


Grades 10 -12 Counselor Sarah Burke




Literacy Specialist Mary Kay Dimino-Lara


ELA Teacher Jamie Bird


ELA Teacher Scott Clifton


ELA Teacher Jaclyn Gatz


ELA Teacher Nicole Manioci


ELA Teacher Toni Platten


ESOL Teacher Jolene Bowser



Head of Math Department Raheem Miller


Math Teacher James Cooper


Math Teacher James Holley-Grisham


Math Teacher Matthew Kozlowski


Math Teacher Keith McGee, Jr.


Math Teacher Michael Schudel


Math Teacher Martin Wesley


Math Teacher Fayne Winter


Social Studies

Social studies Teacher Patrick Best


Social Studies Teacher John Farnham


Social Studies Teacher James Henty


Social Studies Teacher Rob Howell


Social Studies Teacher Justin Pretko



Science Teacher Corey Bogart


Science Teacher Rita Gupta


Science Teacher Ryan Hallett


Science Teacher William Netchke


Science Teacher Janine Schultz


Science Teacher Christa Stell


Special Education

Special Education Teacher Joseph Bianchi


Special Education Teacher Laura Borelli


Special Education Teacher Hannah Cerone


Special Education Teacher Lea Fletcher


Special Education Teacher Lauren Hastings


Special Education Teacher Cori Horn


Special Education Teacher Tara Opiel


Physical Education

Athletic Director Dick Cerone


Physical Education Teacher Anthony Bianchi


Physical Education Teacher Jerome Brown


Physical Education Teacher Carmelo Rinaldi


Physical Education Teacher Kala Gause



Spanish Teacher Catherine Butler


Art Education

Art Education Teacher Sara Dankert


Art Education Teacher Amber Dutcher


Music Education

Music Education Teacher Simon Fletcher


Computer Technology

Computer Technology Teacher Lindsey Hadley


Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teacher Ajamu James


Substitute Teacher Ben Woolston


Student Security

Student Security Jeenathan Williams


Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Manager Brenda Quatela


Cafeteria Assistant Darlene Goerke


Cafeteria Assistant Kimberly Impallaria




Custodial Staff

Head Custodian Emin Mustafic


Custodian Herbert Allman


Custodian Thomas Aquilina


Custodian Thmas Tomasso



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