President – Joseph Munno

Principal of Instruction – Dr. Connie Lucchese


Assistant Principal of Instruction Nicholas Schlierf
Literacy Specialist Mary Kay Dimino-Lara
Athletic Director Dick Cerone
CTE Director Beverly Gushue

Office Staff

Business Manager Adela Mehremic
Administrative Assistant Amanda Marello
Human Resources Megan York
Administrative Assistant Joyce Downey-Frank
CTE Administrative Assistant Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Student Counselors:

Supervising Counselor Susan Barnhart
Middle/High School Counselor – Grades 7-9 James Reaves
High School Counselor – Grades 10-12 Melissa Sakofsky

Grade Level Management:

Grades 7
Grade 8 Mr.Cunningham
Grade 9 Mr. Miller
Grade 10 Mr. Jackson
Grade 11 Mr. Eason
Grade 12 Mr. Nally
Student  Security Mr. Williams

Middle School Staff

Grade 7

ELA Mrs. Platten
SS Mr. Julien
Math Mr. Kozlowski
Math/Math Lab Ms. West
Science Mrs. Schultz
Special Edu. Ms. Cerone

Grade 8

SS Mr. Best
Math Mr. Chichester
Science Mr. Bogart
Sp. Ed. Ms. Fletcher


High School Staff


7th / 8th / 9th ELA Ms. Gatz
English I Mr. Bird
English II Mrs. Netchke
11th English / Journalism Ms. Dias
12th English / Senior Sem Ms. Breedlove

Social Studies

8 / Global I/II Mr. Howell
Global Studies I/II Mr. Henty
US History / Global / History through Film Mr. Cohen
Current Events / US History / PIG / Eco Mr. Pretko
PIG / ECO / Senior Sem. Mr. Scott


7th / Geometry Mr.Kozlowski
Math Lab Ms. West
Math Lab Mr. Wesley
Algebra Mr. Schudel
Math Lab / Geo / Pre Calc Mr. Schierer
8th / Alg II Trig Mr. Chichester
Geo / Pre Calc / Essentials of Alg. Mr. McGee


7th / 8th / Living Env. Mr. Robinson
Living Environment Mr. Netchke
Earth Science Ms. Stell
Topics in Science Ms. Gupta
Chemistry/Liv. Env. Credit Recovery Mr. Hallett

Special Education

9th Grade Ms. Horn
10th Grade Ms. Borrelli
11th Grade Ms. Opiel
12th Grade Mr. Bianchi


Mr. Chavez

Physical Education

Mr. Brown
Mr. Rinaldi
Mr. Bianchi


Mr. Ballard

Computer Technology

Ms. Hadley


Ms. Dankert
Ms. Dutcher


Mr. Fletcher
Mr. Hiler


IT Essentials Mr. Andrews
Building Maintence Mr. Boehlke
Culinary I Mr. Brinkman
Culinary I Mr. Santos
Manufacturing and Robotics Mr. Nobles

Building Custodial Staff

Mr. Emin Mustafic
Mr. Thomas Tomasso
Mr. Herbert Allman
Mr. Thomas Aquilina
Mr. Jovanni Flores-Padua

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