7th and 8th Grade Uprep Expectations

Dear 7th and 8th grade UPrep families,


The intent of this letter is to give you information about our 7th/8th UPrep expectations, The 5 Pillars of Success, and our “Mr. Griffin Club.”  The 5 Pillars of Success outlines what is expected of our UPrep students throughout the day and within the building.  Along with this letter, you will see the 5 Pillars of Success and the meaning of each.   The Mr. Griffin Club is a student recognition program for those students who adhere to the 5 Pillars of Success.  Each month students who are eligible will be able to participate in an activity that has been planned by a small committee of students and teachers.

Click here for the UPREP 5 Pillars of Success

Please spend some time this weekend reviewing the 5 Pillars of Success with your son.  It is important that we all work together so that all of our students will be successful.


Dr. Connie Lucchese


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